April 6, 2017


Discover the denim creed with LiCC. Here’s what we believe – we believe in keeping it simple because everything goes with LiCC. From cool and collected to bold and brazen, you don’t need to be loud to stand out- just go LiCC!



Superior Quality


High quality zippers used on our jeans assure quality, flexibility, creativity and high performance; and safety and comfort to the wearer.

Semi Auto Lock

This locking system prevents the slider from moving down the zipper chain and opening the zipper, until the slider tab is pulled, thereby retracting the locking pin and enabling the slider to move freely up and down the zipper chain.

Metal Shank Button & Rivets

Top quality metal Buttons and Rivets are used on LiCC jeans. We also meet general pull test standards which means strength of the buttons.

Original Leather Patch

Thread Optimize Seam Performance

Quality threads are used to manufacture LiCC Jeans. Using this recommended thread on LiCC Jeans gives customers optimum seam performance, extending the life of the garment as well.


Use of International Washing Standards to give our customers a quality product.